Motorsport 2021

Jos apparently banned from the pit because the lady who allegedly has been receiving unwelcome advances was in a entanglement with Jos.
Horner has always been wanker, but it must be hard for him to take when Jos Verstappen of all people, is trying to hunt you out of your job for inappropriate behavior. But ya, the word is that Jos has a relationship with the lady and has apparently witnessed the attempts of coercion by Horner.
Fantastic result for Sainz. Hopefully Ferrari can build on this and reliability gives RB something to worry about, all too easy otherwise.
Unreal! Worth getting out of bed for. You would be hoping all the sh^t going on in Redbull might have a knock on effect on track. Of course people will say he only won because Verstappen going out, but that's the luck of the draw. Verstappen won plenty times when Ferrari messed up. McLaren are looking decent too.
Max looked like he was on a search and destroy mission when he got out of the car. It went from - the car is very loose - to melting the entire back right.

Hamilton engine pop was fun.

Perez should have made more of the opportunity but the rear wing downforce thing seemed to be the wrong option.
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