Missing woman in Youghal.

The Gardai are going on the premise that there is a body buried under the floor.
They think that it is similar to the Fred West story.
All posts are pointing that the suspect was known to Tina but from my observation on the chap who appeared on TV is no Fred West.
"A crowd has gathered"

Wtf are they hoping to see?

“A man known to her remains”…..I just saw this!

It will be a bit mad if they find her body in the house 6 years later, the usual suspects in these cases are usually people close to the victim. Maybe they have new technology or something to detect the presence or past presence of a body. Or maybe they got a tip off.

Just looking at Google maps and Grattan St is right by the sea, surely if he did kill her the obvious thing to assume was he would have put the body in to the sea? It would be a bit mad if he buried the body in the back garden or something.
Bit like when a crowd gathered outside the Jersey Shore house, hoping to catch a glimpse of Snooki or The Situation.
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