Limerick Man Bludgeoned To Death In The US

As their pleas of manslaughter have been accepted they have already gotten off

This hearing is to decide the sentence which has a range of 3-9 years. Even if they get the max they'll only serve another 3
News said it could be anything from probation up to 17 years.
Well there you have it for everyone who keeps repeating the line about us needing a justice system like the states.. get your aul fella to help you batter your husband to death with a brick and a baseball bat in his bed, admit it, add in some shit about being afraid, and do around 4 years for it
They're white, De Mange. No meth anywhere. Good looking wan. Etc. To quote Matlock, Fuck sake.
The kids impact statements are heartbreaking. That's they'd only serve 51 months for what happened is a travesty. Not sure how being an FBI agent is a mitigating factor. Imagine just over 4 years. Enoch Burke isnt far off them for an outburst at a school function
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