for those who were asking me last week

oooh yuck hash browns, got a sausage sandwich with ketchup in work earlier, it was really rank :( But sure fool here forgot her lunch....sully and cully veg soup :(
Looks like the contents of an abortion bucket
Thanks, looked at this at work, got beaten up by some of my italian colleagues :(
Jesus, Sunners. Did you mix the "ingredients" in a bucket and just dump it on the base. How many pineapples did you use?
I bet you make toasted sandwiches in the microwave...
Having pizza again tonight. I'll post a picture of the cooked version.
Put a shoe next to it so we can appreciate the scale of its ginormity.
Found it! Classic thread, great lols

Pity the pics are gone!

Andrew Ryan Plus Guests
City Limits, Coburg St.

3rd Sep 2022 @ 9:00 pm
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Botanica: The Art Of Plants

Crawford Art Gallery, Tomorrow @ 10am

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