First car

My first car was the Fiat 127 , bought for 800 pounds . My brother had the bigger Fiat version the Fiat Mirifarori (spelling could be wrong) but they were popular in the 80s .
A funny story about my first car. When I bought it first the motor for the wipers was banjaxed so the wipers were constantly on. I was behind a lorry one spring day and it sprayed a load of muck onto the window which then meant I couldn’t see clearly. So there was me hanging out the window with a bottle of water trying to wash it off while also steering with the other hand.

It wasn’t that funny at the time though!
They also invented call centres, I wonder did you or indeed Water Boy ever have the displeasure of working in one?
Call centers never appealed to me, too much of a conglomerate clusterfuck for my liking. It just never caught my eye as a career path I’d like, I’d be more interested in abstract areas such as philosophy.
Pretty Woman The Musical
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29th Jun 2024 @ 7:30 pm
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