English Football Championship Thread

Leeds in rag order, Gnonto refused to travel to birmingham yesterday, Jack Harrison had medical at everton.
Akpom on his way out of deputy admin High kings boro.
Was at the Baggies game with Boro yesterday. Troubled times for Albion. Selling players for peanuts and not recycling the money for players. Owner taking money out on loans and not refunding it. Dara O’Shea gone for £7m while Nathan Collins costs £22m. Even tried to sell keeper to Luton totally against manager’s wishes but he wouldn’t go. This week they loaned a young lad to rivals Bristol City and have to pay some of his wages while City can buy him for £1.3m at the end of the season. You couldn’t make it up. Anything to get any kind of money in. Without a miracle buyer West Brom are knackered. Fans know this and it leads to panic. Seven points from four games sounds okay but while the first eleven are adequate there is no backup. As soon as Albion went three one up they took off three key players and handed the initiative to Boro. Very entertaining but strange game. Four shots at goal, four goals. High King you might think Boro need gelling but some of them need shooting too. No tackling except for Smith who was sent off. Destroyed by Phillips a 32 year old who never had it so good. Allowed Swift, no Messi, to walk in for the key second goal. Some good players no doubt (the sub Jones in particular) but Carrick has a lot of work to do. My attitude going to the game yesterday was every point is essential to ward off the threat of relegation and I still hold to that. Challenging times.
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