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Terry Venables - seven days after rejecting Newcastle because he wanted a long-term contract (like the ones that ended in pay-offs of £2m from Leeds, £1m from Palace and £500k from Portsmouth) - using his Sun column to explain what's gone wrong at Spurs: It's about... 'Greed, mismanagement, egos and selfishness. Dimitar Berbatov kept telling us he had a "dream". Well, good for you Dimi, you had a dream - with a few extra noughts added to your bank balance.'

From the Observer's Said & Done.
Kind of like watching Sprots Saturday and listening to Tony Cotte talking about players going down easily or Le Tissier moaning about lazy foreigners.
Was waiting to board a delayed flight in a pub in Gatwick one time when El Tel (manager of Spurs at the time) walked in with a buddy and bought a round for the whole bar (approx 25 people). It was the Tuesday after they beat Arsenal in the cup semi-final (the one with the Gazza free kick).

Happy times for him - and us, come to think of it. The Guinness was shite so I ordered a pint of Strongbow - I was in great shape getting on the flight to Milan.

Cheers Tel 🍻
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