Decriminalisation of all drugs personal use considered

Should we decriminalise all drugs?

  • Yes

    Votes: 5 33.3%
  • No

    Votes: 3 20.0%
  • Yes but not heroin

    Votes: 7 46.7%

  • Total voters

You could be describing alcohol there.

Per earlier Canada thread, I am happy we won't agree.
I could be but I am clearly not and there is a false equivalence drawn between proscribed drugs and alcohol. Although I accept it is the closest non-proscribed chemical that has similar and occasionally worse effects on society.
It is a personal decision but when it damages society in the ways you have highlighted the societal good must take precedence. Soft drugs are gateways for harder drugs. I have seen it in action. Education in schools as to the effects of all proscribed drugs needs to be part of the curriculum. If kids knew they could get flashbacks from good and bad trips 10 years after they decided to stop using drugs entirely, they might be less inclined to indulge in the first place.

for a small minority perhaps, not everyone. And it's usually the person that's the problem anyway and not the drugs
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