Anybody here at Meatloaf in Moate in 1990 ?

A good read . Bunch of savages up there…..

“Meat Loaf would recall years later: “I was the first international artist to extensively tour Ireland. U2 won’t tour Ireland the way I toured Ireland. I spent three and a half weeks playing in these barns, in the middle of fields. I’d think ‘Who’s gonna come here?’ And there’d be 3,000 people in the barn by showtime.”

I think he played Conna north Cork also and singled it out as the actual low point of his career.

Yep, I was conceived at it.

A few big bands have played in Moate due to the recording studio up there. As far as I know both Michael Jackson and Dolly Parton recorded there.

Status Quo also played that venue that Meatloaf did. John Creedon went there on one of his road trip shows and met some fella with all the old tour shirts and posters.
I remember him playing Neptune Stadium...cant remember the year but I was taken on to provide security with a load of lads from the Army & FCA at the time
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