A Dacent Breakfast in Cork

I’ve thought of a couple very good old style places that are cheaper though all outside the city. Lynch’s in Macroom, where you can get their own toast and chips with the fry, and An Cruiscin Lan in Ballyvourney. Had a fecking excellent fry too in some place near Newtwopothouse popular with commercial drivers but don’t recall name.

is the one in newtwopothouse called wheeler’s meal? it’s probably tent years or so since i ate there and that was bacon and cabbage at 1.30 in the afternoon 😂😂😂
Speaking of breakfast, the Highfield youth section are hosting their second Big Breakfast of the season in the clubhouse hall.... 9.30 to 12.30 next Saturday, 25th November.... Minis €4, Everyone else €8 Great value
Jackie Fabulous (Americas Got Talent) Plus Guests
City Limits, Coburg St.

4th Oct 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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