2023 Premier SHC

Didnt see any of the games unfortunately. How did McCarthy get 5 points, was he actually playing in the corner or was he out the field ? Some going either way its just Very unusual to see that
Barrs made no use of their bench yesterday, Surely their was an option there to use?
Noticed that alright it was surprising as their 2nd team are out of championship

Thought imokilly didn’t utilise their bench well either, given how many lads had played two games over the weekend. Surely there were lads there who could have done 10/15 mins at the end of normal time to see them over the line
Decent enough games yesterday I thought. Great win for Sars, they seem to be improving every game. If they had met a fresh Imokilly yesterday things might have been different, but they didn't and they beat what was in front of them.
Midleton have been my dark horses all year, they seem have a really decent spirit about them and solid solid backbone.
Ballygunner who play the Cork champions in Munster, would in my opinion beat the pick of the 4 teams on view yesterday. The standard of Cork club hurling is frighteningly low. It’s no wonder the county senior team are struggling for so long.
Is Sam Quirke gone for the year? Will be a great addition to have him back especially considering we picked up a few knocks yesterday. Cillian Murphy would be the main worry.

The easy thing to say would be that the final will be a shootout between these teams. I’m thinking the opposite though, both have brought a huge work rate to their games and have 2 of the best defensive units in championship by some distance this year. Expecting a scoreline like the games yesterday.
Yeah, I think Quirke is gone for the year.

Any news on Dineen? He went off early in the game.

There are a few people who were really down on yesterdays game, expecting a shootout maybe but both teams yesterday set-up very defensively with the sweeper.

Midleton rode their luck yesteday with Saunderson keeping them in it until they got going in the 2nd half.
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