2022 Premier Senior Hurling

Really?? What about the Charleville disallowed goal at start of second half???? Goalkeeper threw his toys out of the pram saying he wasn’t ready for the throw in. Grand says referee and takes the ball back out to midfield & restarts the 2nd half again. Comical stuff.
That was ridiculous, Jack Doyle got a dirty stroke going through for that goal and it went unpunished.
I've no ties to either team, but Charleville had 4 frees scored before Na Piarsaigh (no h) were awarded one. Ref also over turned 2 decisions that were to go to Na Piarsaigh, but those lads don't help themselves either, corner back roaring into the refs face about how much money he's got on Charleville, how he didn't get a card for that I'll never know.

Agree with North Cork star, Jack Doyle was unreal today and has been Charlevilles most consistent performer this year. Jack Callaghan was very good today also
Very sad to see Na Piarsaig go down today.Looks like alot of rebuilding needed,but looking at their injuries list,them lads out would of made a difference to them
Is there a doubt over the games being played tomorrow? Orange weather warning and all, the pitch in PuC should be fine though, surely?
Lads tge weather is the worst ive seen in a long time. Hearing games not 100% going ahead may still do but i hear on radio potential lighting to strike
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