2022 Premier Senior Hurling


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Any of the three would be a great addition, they'd command a lot of respect.
Heard there might be a couple of the crew from the minors a couple of years ago step up, only goss though nothing concrete.
The club itself is in a bit of a mess by all accounts, not that we can say much ourselves at the moment 😀.
Any Piarsaigh's boys on here able to confirm??
We’ve all been there, really hope they sort themselves out and get back Senior
But where is the actual official boundary line between Bishopstown and The Barrs - you being an expert on all things Barrs surely you know. Bear in mind these boundaries would have existed long long before there was ever a roundabout even thought of out in Wilton.
Barrs territory stretch from Bandon Road out Glasheen Road passed St Finbarrs cemetery right up to the wilton roundabout anything after that is Bishopstown territory 👍👍
Summerstown used to have a team in the Barrs street leagues around 94-98. That settles it….
Ah the team was around well before that 😀 Now you've got to head over to Togher Road to get into the club, but back that you just hopped over the stream at the end of the road. Place used be about 75% Barrs / 25% Bishopstown


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While there's some merit to the boundary issue generally I think it's being overblown here.
We had Glen, Delanys & Dillons all in the one estate & nobody batted an eyelid.


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There are no official boundaries in the city, sure like where does Nemo territory end and Barrs territotlry start on the other side? years ago before Wilton parish was formed all those houses around Summerstown were part of Glasheen which has always been Barrs territory. I had relatives living out there and they confirmed this for me yesterday. When Wilton parish was formed those fcukers in the Town saw an opportunity and tried to claim it. Way back when, in my view the boundary is at the Bishopstown Garda station, there was vast swathes of fields between there and Glasheen where the hospital and shopping centre now are.

That must have changed cos I can well remember there were boundaries back in the day between The Glen and Na Piarsaigh and big arguments about whether schools were in one area or another or were neutral.

My understanding of the Barrs "parish" was The Lough, Togher, and The 'Hane. B'town GAA was only formed in the 1950s I think but it would have only been to cater for the emerging housing in the area. Blackrock for instance has a catchment area stretching from Mahon (have Ballnure folded?) right in as far as the edge of town by Paddy The Farmers, Jewtown etc.

According to you Bishopstown Garda station is only barely in Bishopstown so Bishopscourt etc must be The Barrs catchment area too. :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
Wow. That must have changed. Good to hear it. Is the Parish Rule (think it was brought in by one Con Murphy) gone in Cork so or is it still in vogue outside the city?
Parish rule is still in place outside of the city.

There was a nack years ago where Cian McCarthy of Sars was able to transfer straight from Sars to Douglas as Passage was his home club for football and in the city boundaries he didn't have to sit out.

Subsequently he transferred fully to Passage then again without having to sit out.

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