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    Epic moment from Alex Jones on Infowars

    He can’t be as bad as the crop we currently have
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    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    a video that popped up on my Youtube feed, Ted Owens speaking at the launch of Cairde Chorcai back in 2019. A quick look on their facebook and twitter page and nothing posted in about two years. What the hell was this all about and why did it fail before it even started?
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    Worst thing about Aging?

    Spare tyre 😢
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    The Gaelic Football Thread

    I’m with you Red&Blue on this, it’s not part of our game
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    Cork Hurlers - Part 2

    That last 25 minutes, rebels team should be made to watch that again. And see what kinda effort was put in. Too many players just gave up.
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    Wuhan Wheeze

    Mehole has covid Can’t give Biden the green bowl of shamrock Joe said Bye Then
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    The Official Man Utd Thread - Part 3.

    used to love European nights before where United used get a lesson from Real(Ronaldo) or Milan(Kaka) around the quarter final stage, there is no real joy anymore with this lot. it was better when the club had dreams Enjoy that one whiskeynose
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    Alisha Lehmann

    Unbelievable hole Richard
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    Wuhan Wheeze

    Have listened to about 30 mins of Robert Malone on Joe Rogan He said a % of people who are vaccinated and get covid after it can cause problems
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    Wuhan Wheeze

    hate to break it to ya brah but his at risk from Omicron even if his vaccinated. You're probably putting him at more risk by giving him the vaccine.
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    Wuhan Wheeze

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    Wuhan Wheeze

    What level are we currently in? Or is that gone out like the €9 meals
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    Anyone not getting the vaccine?

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    This word is everywhere
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    One of the sweetest strikers of a sliotar I've ever seen