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    Derek Blighe, Mitchelstown.

    The algorithms have started showing Del boy's videos on my youtube timeline. Just watched a bit of one where he advised Europeans to leave because the government is after giving away all of the houses to non-Europeans. In that video posted back a few pages (which polluted my youtube timeline)...
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    Derek Blighe, Mitchelstown.

    I'm seldom impressed by another man's stupidity, but that clip is some world class, elite level window-lickery. Amazing work, Derek.
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    the company christmas party..............

    My company is foregoing the sit-down meal this year and have booked a function room above a pub and arranged finger food. No expense spared. It kicks off at 5 in the afternoon so there's plenty of time for all the petty grievances that have been festering all year to be drunkenly spewed out...
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    IOTY 2022. OFFICIAL.

    If feel like one of the Russian bots is going to walk away with it this year, so I won't be nominating any of them. I feel it important to nom a couple of the common garden idiots here, lest they not get the recognition they deserve. Meridian for thinking the term rescue dog is some kind of...
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    Dog acting like a dog problem

    I heard that in the CSPCA in Mahon they let the dogs use the litter trays and have cats that identify as great danes. Woke nonsense, m8.
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    President Biden 2020-? - Official Discussion Thread

    They elected a man with a masters in public policy from Harvard and actual political experience and well considered polices for the betterment of his state over a TV quack with a well documented history of promoting pseudoscience and killing dogs. Vaccine bad.
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    favourite westerns

    There's been some very good modern westerns. True Grit, The Sisters Brothers, Bone Tomahawk, 3.10 to Yuma are all hugely enjoyable movies. Read Blood Meridian in the not too distant past. That'd make a great movie, I think. Bleak as fuck, but it'd be interesting to see how it'd be done.
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    biggest PROC nutter of all time?

    No idea. I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to wade through it. I'd say you probably had to be here at the time to appreciate it fully.
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    biggest PROC nutter of all time?

    I read parts of that the last time someone posted the link. Absolutely tragic shit. That 3pointplay fella. The proto-incel. Words fail me.
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    Contracts are with the solicitor. Signing is on the horizon. Almost over the line, m8s.
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    Katy French lying 5 year in her grave already...

    Horrible to see anyone die under these circumstances. That said, it should be a massive red flag about the company you're keeping when a snort goblin calling himself The Wolf frequently shows up with an 8 ball of pub dust and a pocket full of rubber johnnies.
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    Rate the last movie you watched out of 10

    X on Amazon Prime. Hillbilly slasher fare. A crew of aspiring pornographers rent a house in rural Texas to make a movie. Carnage ensues. Pretty good, to be fair. Some good tension, some very gory kills, and some shit that made absolutely no sense whatsoever. 7/10
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    biggest PROC nutter of all time?

    There's been a few high grade oddballs in my time here. JT with his gnomes and Harribo, Goats and his failed PROC up, that auld lad who pretended his girlfriend and her daughter were stsying with him and posted in their "voices" - Revelade I think his name was. The closest thing to a proper...
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    What do you collect?

    It's definitely a collection! Wouldn't call myself a record collector though, I just buy a lot of music, the format is coincidental.