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    Marina Market to go BANG?

    Casual dining venue offers casual dining shocka.
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    The unpopular opinion thread.

    Unpopular isn't necessarily wrong.
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    Dublin... Is a fucking shithole

    Genuine question. What are the equally important issues behind the stabbings? There's no established motive. He hasn't been charged because he's in a critical condition in hospital and as such not able to understand or respond to the charges being brought against him. Until he's charged his...
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    Dublin... Is a fucking shithole

    Hiberno-Breitbart. Sensationalist opinion pieces written in the format of news articles with loaded language, cherry picked information, and barely concealed bias. Everything about that outlet, even down to the connotations of its' name, is unashamedly geared towards creating division and...
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    Dublin... Is a fucking shithole

    It's not the water on the surface of the planet that's forming the clouds, it's the rain from the clouds that's creating the surface water. Top shelf empty argument from those shits Mcguirk and co.
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    Dublin... Is a fucking shithole

    Do yourself a favour and don't search for Dublin on Twitter. The amount of disinformation doing the rounds is scary.
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    The Official Liverpool Thread - Part 2

    True. I think he was always seen as part of the attacking trio and that his numbers were down to the other 2, especially Firmino, making sacrifices for him. Last season when his numbers tapered off a bit with no Mane and Bobby not a regular starter kind of proved that point to a lot of people...
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    Stuff that grinds your gears

    If I have headphones on, a spreadsheet open, and have not asked about your dickhead children, take it as written that I'm not interested in hearing about them.
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    The Official Liverpool Thread - Part 2

    Very good piece on Salah's current, and historic, form by Andy Hunter in the Guardian. The Egyptian forward makes the exceptional seem routine and is still the star man in a reshaped team...
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    The Official Man Utd Thread - Part 3.

    *points to a meme on his desktop monitor* "Martial, you're some focking spazzer. Off you fock."
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    Your go to condiment of choice

    Not really, it's more of a ketchup style hot sauce. Different consistency and much sweeter. Sambal Oelek is tashty out, too. I need to go back to Asia.
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    Your go to condiment of choice

    This stuff is AMAZING. The Asian market on the Coal Quay stock it. I'm a big fan of the the Eddie Rockets Cajun sauce, too.
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    Best Concert Ever?

    Ha! I was at that gig, too. It was piss poor alright.
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    what was your favourite childhood car?

    Early 90s Mazda 323f with the pop up lights.