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    Tidal pool in Cork

    And a dandy chipper on the pier to boot
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    Jesus lads, 'tis looking like BREXIT!

    True that
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    Yep. The nytimes site? I read that it was sold to them for 6 figures (as against letters)
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    I’m just playing online on my phone. No app ar bith agam
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    I didn’t get the wordle today… anyone here put me out of my misery (don’t want to Google and find that it is too east to discover
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    Fair point. That being said can you point me in the direction of a resource that would show me what way the cost of living is going to go - asking for a frien
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    Tidal pool in Cork

    Great heads up. And great (harmless) thread. A bigger endeavour would be a super addition to somewhere in the harbour (cobh I suppose as further up would not guarantee clean water)
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    Ferry Culture

    I assume there were no digicards those days and obviously drivers could just barrell away with no tacho to worry about?
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    Sinn Fein are not a Normal Political Party ??

    The Quinn family are at that history deletion too This is the new play book of scoundrels
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    Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

    What’s your issue. NATO does what it says in the tin Im sure Biden knows that circumstances might change and Im glad a guy who has experienced many conflicts is at the helm in the us instead of some numpty
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    Mick Wallace - Ultimate Tool

    The dirt of that pair ….. shudder
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    All war is bad

    Will the proc archive be available to whoever inherits the earth after we are all toasted in this dopey Armageddon, and what will they make if it.
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    Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

    A new low for that odious cow
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    Jesus lads, 'tis looking like BREXIT!

    What an absolute knob that guy is