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    Went up a mountain yesterday..

    Nice! I’m bursting for road but nursing an achilles injury so it’ll be months before I see a hill!
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    IOTY 2021?

    Disappeared last year when he was exposed for doxing 1 poster and threatening to dox another if I recall. Might have been another handle of his!
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    De Tunnel

    A pedestrian/cycle walkway linking into the park I believe
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    The Official PROC Restaurant review thread.

    Didn't realise they were open again - used to be in there regularly when we were living down that way - chowder and a pint of guinness was always mighty in there! Must take a spin down, lovely area!
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    On the spectrum and not aware?

    Same - small little things like that make the world of difference. Our place even has a little room where kids can go for a cup of tea in the morning before heading over to their class - it makes such a difference in the anxiety levels of facing into the day having that 10/15 to wind down and...
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    On the spectrum and not aware?

    I've said the same about a few I was in school with as well - 1 in particular stands out in my mind. Thankfully, I was never in need of anything extra assistance during my time - was able to cope quite well, and if I'm honest, had my daughter not been diagnosed, I'd probably not be myself -...
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    On the spectrum and not aware?

    This is true. I was diagnosed myself after my daughter was diagnosed a few years back. As we were going through the (very slow process!!!) with her, I was checking every box that the docs were flagging as indicators of autism. I eventually followed up myself and after multiple...
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    Describe your Sunday.

    Yeah, the whole police state thing is pretty strange - no presence on the streets etc, but cameras and undercovers are everywhere. There's been a fair few executions in my time here as well for drugs. There's definitely an incentive to play within the rules here - to be fair, I think we could...
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    Describe your Sunday.

    Can understand that, we’re here nearly 5 weeks now and there’s still so much to do, biggest problem is cutting down the list! Want to eat all the food, thankfully there’s a Thai gym near the hotel so I’ve been working off there curries!
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    Describe your Sunday.

    Did a Thai boxing class in the morning and then strolled around downtown Singapore for the afternoon/evening - Merlion Park, Marina Bay, quality food in a great people watching spot and a nice pint or two. Took a ride in a gondola on indoor canal in Marina Bay (cheesy but smally loved it, that’s...
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    What's good for the goose is good for the gander. He has no qualms with posting videos of his interactions/arguments with people in the public sphere, easily identifiable number plates, faces etc and is quick to abuse others himself. Classic case of happy to give but can't take it back.
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    Some absolutely should as they keep their animals in disgraceful conditions. You’ll have no argument from me there. But some - and that absolutely includes those out here, Fota and the likes are doing great work in conservation, involved in breeding programs to widen the gene pools of...
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    Just in the door from night safari, did the bird park a week or two ago, very very good all round!
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    The Official Mental Breakdown Thread

    I'd take that as a compliment my man - normal is boring - be different!!!
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    Dublin... Is a fucking shithole

    Mr Slapless more like it - no wonder these lads resort to weapons, they couldn't fight to save their lives!!