Wasps Vs Humans & Friends Ep Launch

The Corner House, Coburg St.

Wed 05 Jun 2024 (note: this event has already taken place)

A special pre-release performance of new EP 'HIT' by punk poet Wasps vs Humans will take place in the Corner House in Cork on Wednesday May 31st ahead of the official launch of the EP on Friday June 9th.

A sonic assault, 'HIT' is a 4-track EP, devoid of guitars and keyboards and featuring a cacophony of drums, vocals, driving beats and slammed words. Nothing is out of bounds; from celebrity presidents, inner city violence, consumerism and fame, Wasps also performs a drum and vocal version of The Fall's Rowch Rumble with a bonus track 'Five Stars' in collaboration with F.O.W.L (Fat. Old. White. Lad).