The Ultimate Craft Beer Experience

Franciscan Well Brew Pub, North Mall

Sat 15 Jun 2024 (note: this event has already taken place)

Located in the heart of Cork City, The Franciscan Well Brew Pub, has a deep-rooted passion for brewing and distilling. According to legend, water from this Franciscan Well had miraculous, curative properties and people travelled from all over Ireland to drink it.

This is your opportunity to engage in the ultimate craft beer experience through tours and tastings that will bring you on a journey from the rebellious monks of the Old Franciscan Monastery, right up until the present day. Learn how local ingredients impact the flavours of beers and how to judge diverse beers for their taste and quality.

Highlights include:

Beer Tasting: innovative and award-winning Irish beers | made using local ingredients.

Pour your own stout: Learn how to pour a stout…the perfect Insta shot!

Cork Brewing: insights into the culture and heritage of brewing in the heart of this city.

The Components of Great Beer: landscape | grain | farming | soil | growing of hops.

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Venue Info

Franciscan Well Brew Pub

14B North Mall
+353 (021) 4393434


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