Peoples Republic Of Cork

Personal Growth | Vicky Langan / Maximilian Le Cain

Sirius Arts Centre, Cobh

Thu 5 Dec - Fri 25 Dec 2020

Opens Saturday 09 November, 1.30pm (screening & Q&A). Followed by drinks reception at 3.30pm. In partnership with Cork Film Festival. Runs until Friday 20 December 2019.

In Partnership with 64th Cork Film Festival, Personal Growth is a new Super-8 film work by Vicky Langan and Maximilian Le Cain. Over the course of their decade-long filmmaking collaboration, Langan and Le Cain have created an intimate, distinctive universe built on a striking match between Langan?s magnetic, often troubling and intense presence as a performer and Le Cain?s hypnotically disruptive visual rhythms.

Personal Growth is a new Super-8 film work, an enigmatic, fragmented piece that could have been filmed at any point in the past sixty years. It conveys the haunting charge of a privately made home movie of great significance to its creators but unsettlingly mysterious to viewers. Its grainy, black and white texture vividly renders the elemental coastal seascapes where it was filmed. Langan & Le Cain appear as a couple who inhabit this wild terrain as if it were a domestic arena.

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