Metallica Tribute "Metallitia"

An Crúiscín Lán, Douglas Street

Fri 02 Jan 2004 (note: this event has already taken place)

Unleashing musical firepower in burnished heaps of magnified guitars and drums in the boldest strokes imaginable, expanding the limits of thrash, changing the rules for all heavy metal bands and becoming leaders of the genre for over two decades, Metallica have carved out their own inimitable tracks.

With a repertoire spanning seven albums from songs like 'Battery', 'Motorbreath', 'Fuel', to other less obvious tracks like 'Shortest Straw', 'King Nothing' and 'Phantom Lord'. Metallitia play with all the heart energy and ability of the real thing.

Metallitia's set includes all the classic songs of the last 20 years from older tracks like 'Whiplash', 'Creeping Death', 'Battery', 'Damage Inc.', 'One', and Harvest of Sorrow' to more recent material like 'Enter Sandman', 'Sad But True' and 'Fuel'.

Metallitia's guitar driven performances have left a huge impression on their audiences so don't miss the chance to see these 'Masters of Tributes'.

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