Mary Greene, Brigid O’Neill, Molly O’ Mahony, Siobhan O’Brien, Neo Gilson

An Spailpín Fánach, 28 South Main St., Cork

Sat 30 Sep 2023 (note: this event has already taken place)

Gals At Play with Mary Greene, Brigid O’Neill, Molly O’Mahony, Siobhan O’Brien, Neo Gilson.


"A voice the world should hear," Paddy Moloney

"Wow!" Bono

Siobhan O’Brien is a much-travelled Irish Singer/Songwriter who has come to the attention of some very noticeable peers.

In addition to Bob Dylan inviting her to join him on stage, Siobhan has performed in concert as a guest vocalist with the famed Irish group The Chieftains. She has also appeared in shows supporting such acts as: Nick Lowe, The Cranberries, Christy Moore, Donavan, , Henry Mc Cullough, Maria Mc Kee, and Paul Brady. Leonard Cohen heard about Siobhán from a friend of his which prompted him to send a book to her called 'Dance Me To The End Of Love' with a Henry Matisse painting on each page, as a gesture of encouragement. Siobháns' songs bear witness to her many adventures.


“...her dulcet, often melancholic, tracks sizzle through the

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An Spailpín Fánach

Cork City