Kerri Chandler & Anthony Flanagan

Club FX, Lynch’s St.

Wed 31 Dec 2003 (note: this event has already taken place)

Few artists in the music business reach the level of accomplishment and status that Kerri Chandler has achieved. He is known throughout the universe as one of the original creators of the deep house sound and always a favourite in Cork. Kerri's father was a DJ as well, which gave Kerri a rich background in the origins of the New York Underground Sound now defined as "garage".

In 1991, Atlantic Records signed his debut single, "SuperLover/Get It Off" and the rest is house music history. Despite his
success, Kerri Chandler has always remained true to the spirit of the underground. When listening to tracks such as the "Atmosphere E.P." on
Shelter Records and the seminal, "A Basement, Redlight and A Feeling" album on Madhouse, one has to marvel at Kerri's ability to not compromise his unique sound for commercial gain.

Kerri Chandler is a vortex where tradition and innovation meet. Tradition as in the soulful roots of Jersey house, innovation as in the streamlined, sparse arrangements and shrewd use of technology.

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