Cork Arts Theatre, Carroll's Quay

Sat 13 Aug 2022
€10 only Show; €22.50 Supper and Show; €40 Supper and Show for two

This play has been described as sensitive, hilarious, intelligent, absolutely compelling and refreshingly forthright. A man, whose name we never hear, tells us his story of a life, always slightly out of his control...

The madness of a simple rural man... a man shipped off to London at the age of 17…who goes through bouts of depression, obesity and anger issues… finds and loses love, comes back to Ireland to more misfortune and mayhem and yet there is HOPE. This is a story full of hope, where laughter and tears join hands and race us through fifty years of a life, not much different to our own. This is Seamus O’Rourke doing what he does best, storytelling.

"INDIGESTION" is part of the Summer Lunchtime and Supper Theatre season than runs through July and August at Cork Arts Theatre.
You can purchase a ticket to the performance only at €10 or the lunch inclusive option at €13 / supper inclusive option at €22.50* (€40 for 2*).
Lunch consists of either soup or sandwich, and supper includes a glass

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