Peoples Republic Of Cork
Please note that most events in Cork have been cancelled until further notice due to covid-19.

Fairy Lore and Landscapes Exhibition

Boole Library, UCC, Cork

Thu 16 May - Mon 22 Jun 2020

The Fairy Lore & Landscapes Exhibition is part of Dr Jenny Butler's comparative ethnographic research project examining how fairy traditions - legends, beliefs, experiences - are connected to landscapes and places. Dr Butler has conducted research on fairy traditions in Ireland and Newfoundland in Canada, and on elves and hulduflk (hidden people) in Iceland. The exhibition is open to the public - go along to University College Cork Library and ask at the desk on the way in and they will open the gate to let you see the exhibition (you don't need to be a student or have a library card).

There are audiovisual clips from Dr Jenny Butler's fieldwork in Ireland, Iceland and Newfoundland and some hidden things to find!

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