Dara McGrath: For Those Tell No Tales

Crawford Art Gallery, Emmet Place

Sun 22 Aug 2021

Dara McGrath: For Those Tell No Tales

Ireland’s War of Independence was a defining moment in Ireland’s history. Between 1919 and 1921, approximately 1,400 people died in the struggle for an independent Irish republic. Cork city and county saw the bloodiest of the fighting. In total, 528 people of all backgrounds – including members of the public, Irish Volunteers, and British Forces – lost their lives directly due to the conflict in Cork.

Beyond the recognised memorials and major landmarks there are many more sites within the landscape where people lost their lives. Today, we walk by unaware of the tragedies that took place at these unmarked locations: the Norwegian sailor

Carl Johannsen whose life was ended by a ricochet bullet while alighting from a boat in the Port of Cork docks or Josephine Scannell who at nineteen years old was shot dead by a stray bullet while sitting near a window in her house on French’s Quay. Amongst the death toll, 63 suspected or known informants were executed in the

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