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Best Before Death (Nc)

Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin St.

Wed 9 Oct - Thu 15 Oct 2020 (event has already taken place)2019-10-09 19:00:00
€10.50 / €7.50

89 minutes – Ireland 2019 – Documentary – Dir. Paul Duane
Featuring: Bill Drummond, Tam Dean Burn and Tracy Moberly

Best Before Death follows artist Bill Drummond (formerly of pop/electronica band The KLF) on two years of his 12-year World Tour (he's worked out his life expectancy at 74, and the World Tour will end when he's 73). We watch him at work in places that hold significance for him - Kolkata, India, and Lexington, North Carolina - doing his self-imposed 'work': building beds, baking cakes, making soup, shining shoes, all to the variously amused, perplexed or annoyed reactions of those around him. Along the way Drummond interrogates his position as a documentary subject, and challenges the monetisation of art.

"An intriguing and hilarious documentary" - The Guardian

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