Valentines Day Poem To Cork

Cork Do Be Your Valentine

John Paul Valentino, February 2020

We all have a deep, deep love of Cork, it really is the berries,
From its beaches and its rivers, from its islands to its ferries.

Cork is magical, it’s super, it’s amazing and enchanted,
But like any deep relationship, we shouldn’t take this love for granted.

It’s important for us to nurture it, and ensure it remains protected,  
If you spend too long away from it, your love for Cork might become infected.

There are still things you’ve not yet experienced, in the place that you call home,
Some Rebels have never rung the bells of Shandon or kissed the Blarney stone.

There is no place for threesomes, when you’re in a relationship like this,
You can’t snog Cork at the weekends and then greet Limerick with a kiss.

You can’t be in a long-distance relationship with the place in which you were born,
And during the week in some other dingy city, do the equivalent of watching porn.

It corrupts the mind, and burns the soul, if you neglect your love for Cork,
You might as well take your dear county’s flag and stab it with a fork.

One minute you’re in Temple Bar, saying “I’ll try a pint in one of those pubs”.
Next thing you know you’re in Hill 16 and chanting ‘Up the Dubs’.

Or you’re in the Pale, for just one night, looking up gigs to go to on your phone,
Suddenly you find yourself selling ‘gear’ and whining Molly Malone.

Imagine the amount of morto, if you’re ever caught doing the dirt,
You’d better work on your relationship, and take your county out for a flirt.

Why visit that crime ridden capital, so dodgy and so filthy,
When you could be balmed out on a beach near Crookhaven or Clonakilty?

Have you ever looked at Cork from the Ballyhouras on your bike?
Or seen the sun shine down on Cobh while you take the ferry across to Spike?

Don’t tell us you’ve never had the joy of sipping a refreshing pint of beer,
While looking out at frolicking, giant whales on a trip to wild Cape Clear.

Let Cork wave its magic wand and refresh all your senses,
Let it remove any spiritual obstacles that might block your love, like fences.

Discard with all your rushing round, put away your apps and social meeja,
Plan a little face-to-face with Cork, it’s your home, and it really needs ya.

You know that thing at work that’s had you up to ninety and crazy stressed?
Cork guarantees to vanish it, once your body hits the surf at a beach down west.

Or if you’ve been so busy that you haven’t had time to organise a date,
Don’t worry just it book now, Cork’s too laid back to worry if you’re running late.
Whether it’s rocking out in Mitchelstown or chilling out in Dursey,
Sipping pints on a city boardwalk, or down the Páirc in your Rebel jersey.

Spending time with your true love, will always fill your heart with glee,
Cork will never let you down, because the love is pure, you see. 

You might consider yourself single, but don’t weep into your glass of wine,
Be assured that you’re fully spoken for – cos Cork is your true valentine.