ROG's Awful Suit “Not Nervous Of Getting Up On Him Again”

After a disastrous weekend away in Dublin for Ronan O’Gara the purple pinstriped pimp suit he wore on RTE2’s coverage of the Ireland V France match on Saturday has issued a statement to the media.

The hideous suit which has been rounded on for its “gaudiness and utter morto-ness” has said that it “would not be nervous of getting up on” the former Ireland international again in the future.

After making derogatory comments about his wife on The Late Late Show on Friday night O’Gara appeared the following day on RTE2 in a pinstriped suit that was salvaged from a disused mid-eighties Culture Club music video by a Dublin pimp who then lent it to RTE’s wardrobe department for the afternoon.

“I’d definitely be up for it again, we were a good fit together”, said the waistcoat which has seen plenty of action during almost three decades on Dublin’s streets, “he just needs to let me know what time suits”.