Eight New T-shirts

A stack of new fresh milk t-shirts for 2011 to keep Corkonians the snazziest tribe on the planet. FREE delivery to anywhere in the 32 counties included. Click on the image for price, delivery info and sizes.


One More Tune or 'Wan More Chooooon' as its more com-monly known to patrons of Cork's nightclubs is a tribute to Cork's unending desire for just a few more minutes of fun when the clock strikes 2.

And until the oppressive Dublin government eases the draconian licensing laws this late night chant will forever be heard on Leeside's dancefloors.

Loosely translated as music box (usually used to describe a button accordion).

Traditionally before CD's this is the device that we used to listen to our Greg and Shane mix tapes. TUNE!!!

Tarantino is not just a filmmaker, he is a well known GAA fan. So in his honour we've come up with this tee, now yer hurling Quentin yah langer.

Loosely translated as 'I'm with stupid' (amadán literally means a fool in Irish).

To be worn while standing next to your boss, mother in law or Brian Cowen.

The rule kicked in last year that all heads must be protected. If Thierry Henry would like to play the sport we're sure we could make an exception!

The home of hurling is happy with the rule though as those Kilkenny boys can no longer batter our boys around the head while the GAA's anti-Cork refs pretend they saw nothing!

Loosely translated as 'I love a cup of tea', you can't argue with that if you're from Cork.

We are the home of Barry's Tea after all, organically grown out the Lee Fields boy!

Bit of a cough, hint of a snotty nose, ever so slightly tired?....man's deadliest, or at least, man's most annoying virus.

Be strong brothers, we feel your pain cos dem boeurs just don't understand!

What's the story? Story feen? Story horse?

Story with yer man Galvins skinny jeans? etc etc. In case you didnt get it by now...scéal is the Irish for 'story'.


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