Dont be surprised if you see young scobes from Wilton pulling mullet out of this one... " />

Pothole of the Month: The Sarsfield Sound

Posted on Nov 19, 2007 in Pothole of the Month


The Sarsfield Sound
Danny Elbow

Some potholes nestle cutely on a hilltop or subtly under the apparently harmless surface water on a flat road but this month's winner leaves anything on public roads in the shade with it's sheer size, depth and smashability. There's no hiding here - this one is right in your face.

Hammering into this chaffing chasm will guarantee any vehicle under the size of a seanie pool an axel crunching jolt of immense proportions and by the Pothole Committees' reckoning there's a 50/50 chance of a full tear-jerking AA-dialing blow out.

Sarsfield Industrial Estate in Wilton houses one of the most feared institutions of the Irish State: the driving test centre. Any Corkonian who has taken a driving test in the city centre will be well acquainted with the long wide concrete roads that lead into the dank and dreary forest of warehouses where hundreds of humanoids labour every day.

At the end of the estate the large turning circle is perfect for young nervous learner drivers who have not yet progressed to three-point-turns. The provision of a giant pothole for leaner drivers is therefore a welcome addition to the facilities provided by the owners of the industrial estate. This humongous hole will prepare any driver for Cork's major potholes, it's magnitude and aggressive road position ensuring its impact vibration shoots up through the steering column and deep into the driver's skull.

Check out the size of the fecker! It's so wide that local scobes from Wilton and Togher have been pulling mullet and mackerel out of it all summer and plans are already in place for a small marina - earning this gap in Mother Earth the title 'the Sarsfield Sound'.

Thanks to Colin Smyth of Tory Top in Ballyphehane for bringing this classic pothole to the attention of the Peoples Republic. If you've spotted any gems please use the contact tab above to let us know and we'll dispatch the Pothole Committee immediately.

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