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Pana Report: November 2003

Posted on Nov 21, 2003 in John Paul Valentino



 Some boost we got to get up this high! Pana is finally starting to look like its actually the main street in a 21st century city as opposed to the building site it has been for the last year. Note the daycint large space outside Brown Thomas (aka Cashs) for the audiences of buskers and other performing clowns and weirdos.

 Although officially declared 'done' by the Lord Mayor a few weeks back the first third of Pana isn't entirely sorted but it has to be said that the langers have done well. The erection of daycint new all glass bus shelters is almost complete. To date not a single 'Darren Lvs Mellisa' or 'I Loves Hash' tag has appeared....

 The Frank and Walters named an album after this street but look at the Grand Parade these days. The Capital Cinema is rumoured to be closing, Henrys and the Grand Parade Hotel are boarded up in the mankiest manner possible and the leakage of Pana renewal works and roadworks around the corner into the North end of the street isn't helping the siutation.

 Many punters would have thought that the high altitude Corpo workers this week were putting up the Christmas lights. Not to be. Pana will be visible from space such is the intensity of light to be generated by the new lights.

 This is actually the biggest challenge to pedestrians in Cork to date. Trying to find a safe way across this mess is pretty tricky. One of the most crowded parts of Cork during the Christmas rush and January sales the level of chaos and confusion should be fantastic to watch. Wait until the farmers come to town.

 According to the Corpo the public might think that although the phones haven't been installed and one can see this through the SEE-THROUGH glass people might think that it is still possible to make a call. Mad palce for jaggin' an old doll if you put your jacket on the ground. We also discovered a grandfather trying to push a enormous concrete block along the street. All credit to viagra.

 The old, the new and the dirty. Pana's new cobbles are a phenomenal improvement over their predecessors however not banning chewing gum or power hosing the streets every night is already taking its toll. Lamp the difference. Below is the state of Pana AFTER the Lord Mayor declared the first third was sorted. They even threw a big party!
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