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Sweated Out

Longtime loyal patron of 'Sweat' at Sir Henrys The Pheasant gets all emotional on the end of it's 13 year legacy and charts his own Top Ten Henrys classics. Will the Ball 'n'Chain make it in you ask.....?

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Skates in the City

It's just a faze for some but a longtime passion for others. We go and have a lamp at a new independant indoor Skatepark on Patrick's Quay.

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May Horoscopes 2001

Check out what the stars had to say about you.

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Fitness For Feens

In this age of fitness obsession, PeoplesRepublicOfCork brings you a list of the city's top five golden goals for budding athletes.

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Cork City FC

Gareth Williams of the country's biggest selling soccer fanzine "FourFiveOne" brings us up to date on how City seem to have got it together after a disastrous start to the season.

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