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EXCLUSIVE: Cork’s Beauty Queens

Cork girls are finally starting to cast aside their inhibitions as we bring you an intimate interview and raunchy photo shoot with a delightful selection of of Cork's finest model hopefuls compliments of Assets Model Agency. They want you the Good Citizens of Cork to support these girls all the way. Angles and Lapellos eat your heart out ! It's not what your county can do for you...see if you know any of them !

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The Genre Gap

Deep House or Hip Hop? Main Room or Back Bar? For years this conflict has plagued Cork nightlife, often spilling over into violence and tragedy. PeoplesRepublicOfCork takes a look at what's possibly the city's second greatest divide (after Northside versus Southside, obviously).

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“Semi” Call it a Day

Releasing music independently has it's advantages but the fight and commitment needed to do so is becoming increasingly more difficult as big record labels flex their commercial muscles. SEMI, yet another great Cork band forced into resignation, found out the hard way.

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Cork City FC : Board to Jeers ?

Starved of goals, a string of shameful results in the Eircom League, Ollie Cahill's bizarre FREE transfer to Shels and having crashed out of the cup at home to First Division Limerick FC, Gareth Williams tries to make sense of the Liam Murphy brigade.

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John Paul Valentino’s Love Corner

Locked away high up in a Castle overlooking the beautiful Cork countryside JP Valentine has written a touching lament with quill and scroll to his Cork lover who is more than just a little temperamental....

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