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Murphy In or Murphy Out ?

As the Eircom league season wraps up with only one home game left Cork City F.C. look set to be left out of European action next season for the first time in 7 years. Some are passionate about changing things at Turners Cross claiming they want the best for the club, other might say they've cast aside their loyalty...

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Getting Ahead In Traffic

With only a 50/50 chance of getting†on and off it without† having at least a minor accident we†had a lamp at the† infamous Kinsale Road† Roundabout: one of Earth's most bizarre and complex thoroughfares.

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Ramblers in a Shambles

Cork's Cobh Ramblers are rooted to the bottom of the Eircom League First division. They are penniless and starved of supporters. Something has to be done to save the precious Cork club that gave Irish captain Roy Keane his first break. Gareth Williams goes sniffing.

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Smack, Crackle and Pop

Cork has played it's part in the latest manufactured band on the Popstars TV show. Angry young Man has something to say about it and it's not very nice.Plus our top five Louis Walsh quotes.

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FishGoDeep Interview

Completing a 13 year residency at Sweat in Sir Henry's and one of very few people in this city releasing records we have a heart to heart with DJs & house producers Shane Johnson and Greg Dowling about the past the present and the future.

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