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The Diary of Ulick O’T (1)

Read his diary here, but be warned: you may not like him very much....

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Farran girl Jaqui tells us about her modelling successes and ambitions.

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After a lighthearted laugh and a joke about the fact that a few ol' dolls from Cork were allegedly getting their kit off on the site, we had a huge response by e-mail appealling (desperately in some cases!) for us to actually try to get the real thing together. To our amazement soon after we had an e-mail from a former Miss Cork Contestant, Ciara Ahern who is a big PeoplesRepublicOfCork fan. She forwarded us her "up-front" portfollio and has kindly given us permission to use some of it....mmm mmm mmm!

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A Season Blighted by Farce

Legal teams and unregistered players seemed to get more attention this season than happenings on the field. The Beautiful Game Irish-style lurched from one crisis to the next as football took a back seat to unwelcome shenanigans off the park. Gareth Williams explains why this season's Eircom League has turned into a farce. (Plus you might see your bulb in the Shed!)

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All Ye Fair-Weather Supporters

Why doesn't every Corkonian want to go and support Cork City? Is it the damp and dreary weather or the dull and miserable promotion of the club that's keeping the football-loving loyal Corkonian away from Turner's Cross? Why isn't Patsy Freyne's private life (of which we know absolutely nothing) the media-fodder it would undoubtedly be elsewhere in Europe? A self- confessed fair-weather supporter makes some suggestions on how CCFC could get more rebels in through the gate.

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