Livestyles 2011 Trailer

Posted on Aug 02, 2012 in Commercial, Music


LiveStyles Fest is an international Hip Hop Festival that took place in Cork Ireland over the June Bank Holiday Weekend, 2011.

Over the course of the weekend there were 11 gigs including a Bboy Battle, A Graffiti Jam, MC Battles, DJ Showcases, A BBQ, Lots of Youth Events and more!

Artists/Groups involved include:
Rockafellaz Crew (PL), Floor Riderz (UK), LLCB (PL), LimRockaz (IRE), Rhythm Rebelz (IRE, PL), Recession Squad (IRE, NG), Raw Edge (IRE, SA), Misty Kidd (Brooklyn United Rockers Nation (Worlwide) and Style Hunter France), Mouse (Floor Gangz), Tuf Tim Twist (Rock Steady Crew), Kak (Infamous Last Words Crew - AUS), Bonzai (Infamous Last Words Crew - UK), Pick (UKS/RTM - NZ), Rask (TDA, TNB, KD, AK), Dusto (TDA, TNB, KD), Crack (EGOS), Crap (WO), Deks (EGOS), Esko (EGOS), Ghostpoet(UK), DJ Mek, DJ 1-UP, Deviant, Longy, Jus-Me, Itchi, Innuendo(UK), OShea(UK), Bony, Nash, Collie, Nugget, Redzer,



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