This section of road at the end of Half Moon street is a classic..." />

Pothole of the Month

Posted on Apr 23, 2004 in Pothole of the Month


Pothole Of The Month

You don't have to spend 100 billion dollars on space crafts and go to Mars to see some impressive crater ridden landscapes. This pothole is a classic Cork pothole because it does not reside in the middle of the street but instead it is aligned slightly to the right so every vehicle coming down Half Moon St. gets its front and rear tyres and shock absorbers a good battering.

The main crater measures 68cm x 35cm
Thats more than 2ft x 1ft...but its not just a one hole!

The reason this pothole is so fantastic in its positioning is that it has been positioned not only in the path of motorists but ALSO right in the path of pedestrians and buggies struggling to get from Paul St. to Emmet Place by crossing the narrow strip of roadway. Akin to the surface of an inter galactic planet there are also some satellite mini-potholes to increase the chance of a fall/broken angle/compo claim. Brilliant!

The interesting 21st century design of the end of Half Moon St. includes a half-in half-out (sometime abbreviated to half-arsed) paving and tar structure which provides the characteristic ugliness you might find in cities such as Dublin (see below).

The amazing tar and paving combination
Half pavement, half tar and half arsed

It is uncertain whether the budget for the nice paving slabs on the Emmet Place side ran out before they reached the Paul St. Side or whether the workers got a dose of the illness commonly found in the public sector known as Friday Fever. If this was the case workers may have put their last slab down at 4pm and decided to lob a load of tar down instead of completing it so they could be at home in time for a UEFA cup match involving Celtic. But in fairness look how they've carefully interlocked the tar and the paving slabs....beautful isn't it?

We all know that its is most likely some contractor applied to dig up the street ten minutes after the paving was laid.
It is hoped to pave the entire width of the narrow roadway by 2,340 A.D the next time Cork is expected the Capital of Culture title.

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