The rare sighting of the craterus enfukenormus species was enough to sway the judges this month. See pics and download video clips...." />

Pothole of The Month

Posted on Oct 14, 2004 in Pothole of the Month


Pothole of the Month

October 2004

Aright so we've been busy celebrating the All-Ireland and monthly is a bit of an exaggeration but a few suggestions have arrived into us since we did the last pothole on Half Moon St and we felt it was time to get off our hoops and get busy. Although we felt the standard was quite high and the effort put in by lots of the potholes were admirable there can be no debating this month's winner.

The winner is a four week old crater at the very top of Patrick St. where it meets Grand Parade. Just outside St. Patrick's buildings you will find a rare strain of the craterus enfukenormus. Stretching at a mind boggling 2.5 metres in length and almost one foot deep this crater has a certain artistic merit as it challenges the Cork mind set. Having driven your way up the new fierce posh Pana it poses a simple question:

What is beauty? Is it tidy neat even roads? Smooth tarmacadam and attractive paving? Or should we let roads and streets be themselves and stop interfering with nature.

We took some pictures and some video footage of vehicles taking a dip into the crater for fun. Lamp away.

STEADY CLIMB: A security van tries to climb out this month's winner.
SIAMESE VALLEYS: Two separate but connecting valleys within the same pothole. Doubles chance of attracting your vehicle's tyre. Brilliant!
VIDEO:download a clip of a bus making its way through the crater
VIDEO:download a clip of some traffic doing the same (wait for Chorus van for the full effect)

See the previous winner of the prestigious Pothole of the Month Award on Half Moon St.




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