Pothole knockout: Under Rule 31.2 the Cornmarket Street trenches automatically win this month's competition.." />

Pothole of the Month - Feb 2007

Posted on Feb 8, 2007 in Pothole of the Month


Pothole of the Month
The Cornmarket Street Trenches

The term Pothole of the Month is not particularly apt for this month's award because any of the potholes on Cornmarket Street would win the coveted title on their own as they individually qualify under the 'Pothole Knockout' section of the competition rules:



Article 31.2 "Pothole Knockout: Any pothole or series of potholes with sufficient depth below the normal road surface level (if determining this is possible at the time) and an internal width wider than a size twelve Nike Air Max, whose related compensation claim for a fall and subsequent concussion would be higher than the '


Pothole of the Month: The Sarsfield Sound

Dont be surprised if you see young scobes from Wilton pulling mullet out of this one...

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Pothole of the Month - Copley Street

Debate over the origins of the type 8B Lunar Surface on Copley Street...

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Pothole of the Month - March 2007

They say beauty is only skin deep. On Centre Park Road beauty is approximately 5 inches deep and 12 metres wide..

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Parking Sign of the Month

To park or not to park that is the question...especially when you're new in town.

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Pothole of the Month - January 2006

We're back on the southside again this month for another cracker. Download video and see the pics...

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