With the re-opening of the Courthouse we'd like to dedicate this month's award to a nearby street..." />

Pothole of the Month: Cross Street

Posted on Mar 3, 2005 in Pothole of the Month


Pot Hole of The Month

Cross Street

With great care and precision the PRC Pothole Team, acting on advice from many users, have surveyed the many rugged streets of Cork City looking for the most torn up and hard worn pieces of road way we could find. This month we felt that the re-opening of the courthouse (which took something like 10 years) needed to be celebrated and we therefore had to give this month'

Pothole of the Month: The Sarsfield Sound

Dont be surprised if you see young scobes from Wilton pulling mullet out of this one...

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Pothole of the Month - Copley Street

Debate over the origins of the type 8B Lunar Surface on Copley Street...

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Pothole of the Month - March 2007

They say beauty is only skin deep. On Centre Park Road beauty is approximately 5 inches deep and 12 metres wide..

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Pothole of the Month - Feb 2007

Pothole knockout: Under Rule 31.2 the Cornmarket Street trenches automatically win this month's competition..

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Parking Sign of the Month

To park or not to park that is the question...especially when you're new in town.

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