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Pothole of the Month - Copley Street

Posted on Jul 19, 2007 in Pothole of the Month


Pothole of the Month - July 2007
Copley Street

You may think that the Peoples Republic of Cork Pothole Committee (please stress the last 'ee' when pronouncing this in your head) are bunch of dirty pants stoners who have never left the South Terrace/Angelsea Street area except once a week to get skins and a dole cheque - but our obsession with the area right under the nose of City Hall itself is intentional and in fact...deadly serious.

The discovery of a type 8B "lunar surface" series of potholes this month on Copley Street opposite the law shop on Angelsea Street has sparked debate among Cork's pothole experts as to whether the consistent appearance of potholes in the area is entirely nature driven.

Suspicions are growing that the ever present potholes in the South Terrace area (see Pot Hole of the month: May 2005) are being created deliberately by a jack hammer bearing human being and not the movement of heavy vehicles or the earth's plates.

In this classic case of a type 8B "lunar surface" series it appears that somebody may have deliberately engineered the buckled Copley's surface for one of two reasons. The first theory is that the culprit does not want traffic coming on to Copley Street from South Terrace and has been cultivating a barricade. Weak.

The second is that noisey punters from The Motor Arms may be irritating local residents as they leave and a devious local has attempted to get his or her own back. Note in the pictures how the lunar surface is positioned directly in front of the slopey part of the path - perfectly positioned for partly pissed pedestrians.

Drunks coming into the city or leaving nearby watering holes are snared by the unexpected drop in ground level and inevitably capsize in full view of Munster's biggest lawman sanctuary across the road.

A quick phone call by a spying resident to the cop shop along the lines of 'here lah - there's a feen on the road who is a danger to himself and others' would have the misfortunate pint swigger behind bars before he can say 'pothole of the month'.

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