Community Service - Silver Springs

Posted on Jan 17, 2003 in Community Service


Community Service - Out The Silver Springs with Osama Bin Murphy

   Of course the main approach to the city is out to the east end via the Silver Springs Dual carriageway. Botanists and weed specialists coming from the likes of Rosslare, Waterford and Dublin will revel in another fine display of manky gank on the Welcome Signs to the city. Chief In Staff Osama Bin Murphy lead another expedition with Mickey the Roadblock to the city limits in an attempt to restore some glory to the town he so dearly loves..
  Professor Harry Nettle a Weed Studies guru at UCC was disappointed as the samples we took from the Silver Springs sign as it did not contain any living mank like the manky gank samples from the Straight Road. He confirmed that samples we gave him from this sign were strains of non-living dirt called muckus shitus.   Sometimes you think Bin Murphy is just like the rest of us but it is at times like this that we realise that he is quite....special. This strange routine he does before he performs his Community Service act can be attributed to the main breakdown in the Ball 'n' Chain which he listens to on the Community Service Headphones.
 Ready! Steady! Service! Then its down to work. It was foolishly assummed by some that the labour necessary to clean this one would not be as taxing as the Straight Road sign. Naw biy. Unfortunately being located on a dual carriageway for over 15 years without a clean, the dirt was as intense as you can imagine and Bin Murphy found his body temperature reaching over 57 degrees as he rubbed and scrubbed with all his might.
Again using the Bin Murphy trademark Twin-Friction Technique scrubbing the sign with both a regular cloth and his groin resulted in quite a spectacle for passing motorists earning him quite a few horns...  ...but it worked and then it was time to clean off any creamy suds as the sun set. Another impecable example to all of us who consider ourselves proud of where we come from.


City of Culture: City of Love?
As if you didn't know already Cork will be the European City of Culture
in 2005 (you might notice the new red signs in some of photos above - pretty
clean we're happy to report). If you have thoughts, feelings, demands, aspirations,
suggestions, ideas or dampish dreams you would like to convey to us on what
Cork should do in preparation for 2005 email us at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
or post them up on the message

By the way we are grateful for the huge amount of emails we received regarding
Bin Murphy's cleansing of the Straight
Road Sign
. Sound.

So that's all the Welcome sign cleaning for now (feel free to get out there and do the others!) but be sure to join the mailing list from the homepage to get updates on Bin Murphy's next duties.



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