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(aa-gad-y) (oh god, that hurt)

Express slight pain from a “Dawk” to the body.

All over the shop

all about the place in question. Does not literally refer to a place where goods are sold or exchanged. “I was walkin’ down Pana and there was ol’ dolls all over the shop”: I was walking down St. Patrick’s Street and there were girls everywhere. “I seen yer man langers and he was all over the shop”: I saw that man drunk and he was swaying from side to side.



Keep that feen away from me girl, i’m allergic….



marbles. ’ I robbed the feens glassy alleys lah ! ‘



The end of something edible. “I’m up the ass of your can feen”. Can I have the end of your beverage.

Aul’ lade

[proper noun]

mother. ‘here boy ! your aul’ lade!’ - I’d like to start a fight with you.




EG: I woke up this morning with a big búdán up on me.



Noun: Term used for the carrier on a bike which is above the back wheel.

Verb: To give a person a baker would be to give them a lift on a bike where they sit in the backer.

Similar to a crosser



Could you, as in “C’mon Bah-willa,de mushy peas are gettin cold”-Could you please hurry up,My Dinner is losing heat?

Ball on


to begin or keep moving. “ball on until you see Shandon” - keep going until you see Shandon Tower.

Balmed out


a state of relaxation (also panned out) “me an mossy got a douncy nodge smoked it got some munch from graces an balmed out in the peace park” ..... my companion Maurice and i got a small piece of cannabis , consumed it , bought a fine chicken meal and relaxed in bishop lucy park.


(Bal-oo-bas) "Balubas" meaning in a state of heavy intoxication.

Normally associated with indiviuals having partaken of a sustained period of alcoholic inebration.
Derived from the Conga in the 1970’s/1980’s where Cork soldiers serving with the United Nations Peacekeeping Forces encountered the jungle guerillas known as the Balubas.
Known for their madness and utter contempt for authority , this term soon found its way back to Cork to describe similarly minded individuals.



Cork state of confusion. “I am pure bam-boozled like” - I am confused.



game played by several people in which a football is struck off a wall by each player in turn. Failure to hit the specified area of the wall in one shot results in elimination from the game and being labelled a ‘langer’.



Broken beyond repair.

‘I fell off me bike and now its banjaxed.