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Old 26-01-2014, 01:19 PM
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Default Comedy in The Roundy.

Here is a link for some half price tickets for Corks newest comedy club.
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Old 26-01-2014, 01:20 PM
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Here is a short video with this years headline acts. The club is being run by funny man Kevin Goldsmith one of Corks funniest comics.
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Old 24-02-2014, 10:20 AM
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Some Taxes are unfair like Eflow but our headline act this Friday Aidan Killian likes to wreck their heads through the form of amusing letters. Come and listen to him joke a bit about this on Friday 28th Feb at The Roundy, doors9-show9.30

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Old 24-02-2014, 10:22 AM
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Eflow fines are for suckers!
February 17, 2014 at 8:56pm
A few days after travelling on the M50 road I received a notice claiming I owed money. I responded with the below asking some questions. I did not get answers yet but got some communication. They wanted €142.10. I gave them the original €9.30 as a full and final payment "under threat of force." They accepted. "the late penalties have been cancelled"

As far as I can see, people only pay these fines because of fear. I hope this letter and little victory helps others remove their fear, ask questions and NEVER pay giant ludicrous unlawful fines.



23 December 2013
Your notice Number: 10 92 62 05 55
Our notice number: 1

Dear eflow,

We noticed your unsigned notice. At first we thought it was a funny joke but then we realised you were being serious. It reminded of us of an email from a member of a Nigerian royal family who needed our bank details to share millions of a long lost inheritance. After serious contemplation we decided not to comply because we suspected it may well have been a scam. Now we are calling on you to provide evidence that proves this is not another dodgy scam.

There were some ludicrous accusations about balances due with threats of debts owed, fines and forfeitures and the likes. It sent shivers down our spines so we have returned it to you because we don’t like shivers down our respective spines.
You stated that there is a “Total balance due.” Please provide documented evidence that any money is lawfully owed. Provide a lawful, valid, signed contract. Also send me a signed invoice / bill, signed with a blue wet ink signature. If you cannot or will not do this, we accept that there is, in fact, no debt owed and this is a scam.

Under what authority are you claiming that we must pay fines even though we have not been found guilty by a court of our peers? Or are you claiming that the law does not apply to you? Are you claiming that “eflow” is above the law?

You stated that it “must be paid” and there will be an “additional charge of €41 per journey”. Isn’t it true that your statement constitutes an offense under the “Non-Fatal Offences against the Persons Act 1997” because you are demanding alleged monies with menace and malice? That’s not very nice!

I read on the interweb that the road has already been paid for. Can you confirm that for me please? What is the total amount of the monies collected from the Toll up to this date? How much did the road cost to build?

Was any public funding used for the creation of the road?

We only correspond to human beings. If you wish to correspond with us and continue our penpal relationship it is essential that you introduce yourself. Who are you? Tell me a bit about yourself. What are you hobbies?

What is the name and contact details of your CEO?
We deem this account put into suspense in-fact, until such time as you answer ALL of our above questions. This is deemed to have been a response-in-fact within 72 hours of your last offer.
As you understand – The following maxim applies:

Qui ignorat quantum solvere debeat, non potest improbus videre. He who does not know what he ought to pay, does not want probity in not paying.

You understand that this maxim also applies:
Quod pendet, non est pro eo, quasi sit. What is in suspense is considered as not existing.

Take note that if you share any of our personal or non-personal data and or any information pertaining to us without my explicit and written permission, this may constitute a breach of both the “Data protection” and the “Freedom of Information” act. For the record you do NOT have our permission to do such a thing. You are aware, barratry is defined as “selling justice for money” and the courts take a dim view of this. And more importantly, we take a dim view of this. Dim. Dim. Dim!

You have SEVEN (7) days answer ALL of the above questions. If you fail, refuse and or neglect for whatever reason to provide us with this within the (7) days, we will consider you have not and cannot establish subject-matter jurisdiction, you are part of a scam and this matter is finished. On your marks. Get set. Go!

For your information we will be in meditating, trying to find ourselves over the next few weeks so we can focus on writing our book, (on how to deal with corporate bullies), so don’t expect a reply till mid Jan or whatever dates are convenient for us, but we give our word that we will continue your penpal correspondence when it is convenient as long as you answer my questions.

We wish you all a merry Christmas at eflow and we hope you find a loved one under the mistletoe and you become filled with joy and festive jolliness.

Love and Light,
King aidan
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Old 28-02-2014, 11:32 AM
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Old 01-03-2014, 01:21 PM
Roundy Laughs Cork Roundy Laughs Cork is offline
Join Date: Jan 2014
Posts: 48

Great packed gig last night at The Roundy laughs Cork. Thanks to everyone who came and supported live comedy in The Peoples Republic! Were back next month Fri March 28th with the amazing comedy force that is John Colleary star of RTEs Savage Eye and Irish Pictorial weekly. All the acts played a blinder last night, great craic was had with Aidan Killian, Gary Lynch, Andrew Gilmore, John Cronin, David Duff Cornelius Patrick O'Sullivan
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