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Old 15-01-2010, 10:58 PM
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Originally Posted by Mossybanks View Post
I was in Andorra last July, temperatures of 32 degrees celsius, so no skiing in July.

If you are going to Perpignan, then you should visit in the following order, Narbonne, Béziers, Agde, Cap D'Agde, Pezenas, Sete and Montpellier.

(I mean geographical order by the way, moving from east to west through the region.)

The remains of the ancient Roman road from Rome to modern day Spain is exposed in the square in Narbonne, and the Cathedral is also worth seeing. In Béziers the Restaurant Petit Montmarte is worth a visit, near the Place De Madeleine, (The Church of St. Madeleine is where the populace of Béziers sheletered from the only crusade on the Europea mainland, led by Simon Le Montfort, who torched the church, quoting his spiritual adviser who said "burn them all, God will know his own,") or if the full on multi michelin starred experience is more your thing then try Restaurant L'Ambassade, opposite the train station. If you have time visit the beach at Portiragnes Plage, 20 minutes from Béziers. Moving beyond Portiragnes, follow the canal du midi towards Agde, which was founded by the Phoenicians before the time of Christ. The Phoenicians used to trade wines from the surrounding region, until the harbour at Agde silted up, and the port in the area moved to Sete. Cap D'Agde is the associated resort and is also home to Europes largest nudist colony with hedonistic clubs, and exciting nightlife. Pezenas si known as the Versailles of the south due to its distinctive architecture, but can be a bit of a tourist trap in the summer. Head from pezenas to Sete and make sure to visit the port and fish market. Continue on to Montpellier and visit the Place De Comedies, and have a pint in Charlies bar, and tell them I sent you.

Agde is grand, pretty, but Christ I wouldn't encourage anyone to go to the Cap.
A small nice beach if you get the little bus that does the circle (including passing the nudy base) that you can get, but seriously - if you want any character or soul at all, stay the hell away.
Originally Posted by Red Baron View Post
With luck you will be caught by the Isis lads next time you are out to save the world.
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Old 03-06-2010, 08:06 PM
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off next week, must remember to print this off, any more suggestions, driving from barcelona so any thing inbetween there?
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