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Old 13-06-2019, 12:05 PM
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Originally Posted by TheEarlofPearl View Post
Any one here condone what Ash did?

You - red&blue - gingin.

Learn to pronounce
verb: condone; 3rd person present: condones; past tense: condoned; past participle: condoned; gerund or present participle: condoning

accept (behaviour that is considered morally wrong or offensive).
"the college cannot condone any behaviour that involves illicit drugs"
synonyms: deliberately ignore, not take into consideration, disregard, take no notice of, take no account of, accept, allow, make allowances for, let pass, turn a blind eye to, overlook, forget, wink at, blink at, connive at; More
forgive, pardon, excuse, let someone off with, let go, sink, bury;

let bygones be bygones;
informallet something ride
"we cannot condone such dreadful behaviour"
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approve or sanction (something), especially with reluctance.
"those arrested were released and the exhibition was officially condoned a few weeks later"

Originally Posted by red&blue View Post
Good? Go way ya plonker, i guess you've never made a mistake in your life have you?
Originally Posted by red&blue View Post
And it's none of our business either ya big girls blouse
Originally Posted by red&blue View Post
Bigot central 😁
Originally Posted by gingin View Post
Ah lads, girl has her demons. She has done wrong and will pay the price for that but in all fairness She's hardly the first sportstar nevermind the first gaa player to be involved in high profile incidents. Ted, Liam Dunne, john leahy, Cathal Barrett to name a couple.
Not condoning what she did, nor would I ever find it acceptable but hop on down off those high horses.

Originally Posted by gingin View Post
I'm sure you could find more fulfilling ways to get your kicks but each to their own I suppose.
Originally Posted by TheEarlofPearl View Post
I don't think anyone is condoning what she did merely pointing to the fact that if she wasn't a high profile sport star then it wouldn't have made it to court. Biatches do be smacking the heads off each other all the time in Reardons
Someone probably thought their would be a handy earner there
Like Frank has been burying stories about Cork players for years with cash

All the above comments are condoning what Ashling Thompson did. Name calling and attempts to shout people down for speaking about the case. A disgusting comment from TG saying the victim might be after a "handy earner". red&blue telling people it's "none of their business" and gingin going for the "girl has her demons" defense.

The most disgusting comment below from TG.

Originally Posted by TheEarlofPearl View Post
Lol@ the outrage because some chick got a slap in a niteclub. Happens week in week out, get over it. This one only ended up in court because it was Ash the Bash
Imagine your daughter sitting in a bar on a night out with her friends and someone comes along and belts her straight into the face for no reason whatsoever. The person responsible here is an extremely fit woman that is probably stronger than most guys. Would you forget it if this happened? Would the only reason you, your daughter and your family follow this up because it could be a "handy earner" or that it's because it involved a Cork camogie player?

You people are a disgrace and yes each of you are condoning her disgraceful behaviour.
Stay strong..
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