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Old 23-03-2018, 04:41 PM
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Default Sea Of Thieves

Lads this game is that good. Cross platform co op multiplayer piracy skullduggery on de x1 and something called a pc?

We locked a randomer in the brig, then we danced, played music on ye old instruments and drunk several pints of grog before spewing in buckets and drenching the Muppet. Its the best gaming idea in years and should not be missed

Get the game pass FREE for a 14 day trial, or buy for a month or three or six. Oh, and if you are buying be sure to click GIFT PASS, almost 25% off on all options. Otherwise click buy now and get mugged off.

Anyone who wants to join me please feel free to pm gamer tag..... Oh and you will need a mic as well ok.

Liam.......invite incoming.
- Oh, yes. Oh, very yes. I would very much like to invade the Transvaal. Look at my tooth; it's shining with lust.
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