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Old 29-01-2007, 01:41 PM
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Angry Fly New York/Boston to Knock

Flights now from NYC & Boston to Knock

Cork loses out yet again............... .

Knock airport to begin New York services

29/01/2007 - 12:02:07 PM

Tourism Ireland, the organisation responsible for marketing the island of Ireland overseas, has welcomed the decision by Flyglobespan to commence scheduled services from New York and Boston into Ireland West Airport Knock in May of this year.

Chief Executive of Tourism Ireland Paul O’Toole said: "The new services were a huge vote of confidence in the region.

“They will substantially expand air travel options for potential tourists and open up Ireland’s Western Regions even more as a holiday destination to the lucrative North American market.

"Tourism Ireland will work closely with Flyglobespan, Ireland West Airport Knock and the industry both in Ireland and in the United States, to promote and maximise the inbound tourism potential presented by these new transatlantic routes.”

“The additional capacity facilitated by the FlyGlobeSpan from both Boston and New York to Ireland West Airport will play an important role in growing visitor numbers even further from North America following a very strong performance from this market in 2006.

"Numbers from North America topped 1 million for the first time since 2000 (up 11%) and we in Tourism Ireland have set a target to grow this number by a further 5% in 2007.

"The new services announced here today will do much to help us achieve this ambitious target of 1.1 million visitors from North America to the island of Ireland this year,” he continued.

Ireland West Airport Knock M.D. Liam Scollan said: “These new routes will put the West and the North West of Ireland firmly on the tourist trail for US visitors and I am sure this will boost Tourism Ireland’s plans to continually improve visitor numbers to Ireland and extend tourism benefits throughout the regions.”

Tourism Ireland’s recent review of the North American market found that while Ireland has enjoyed continuing expansion of air services to/from the US, current high load factors are frustrating demand and hampering visitor growth.

Paul O’Toole said: “The announcement of these new services is timely and welcome given the findings of our recent research that increased capacity is vital if Ireland is to fully realise its potential from the North American market. We are also totally committed to encouraging new route developments which improve access to the regions,” he said.

The level of interest in visiting Ireland has never been higher and over half (56%) of US outbound pleasure travellers say they are "extremely or very likely to visit or re-visit Ireland", according to the Tourism Ireland research.

Nearly half of those who expressed strong interest in visiting Ireland say they are likely to make the trip in the next five years.
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