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Old 21-05-2019, 05:30 PM
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Default Cruel World II (Baseck + Felisha Ledesma) plus guests

5lowershop Presents:

Cruel World II / Baseck [Boysnoize Records BER / Darkmatter Soundsystem LA] + Felisha Ledesma [S1 Portland]

+ Declan Synnott // Live Modular Set

+ + Bass Bin Laden [5lowershop] // Live Modular Set

Live in Plugd

Baseck is a Los Angeles based experimental electronic musician. His roots run deep in L.A.'s underground rave scene. His fascination with sound from the discovery of mixtapes brought him to turntablism at an early age. The attraction to hands-on hardware learned from scratching records lent its way to audio manipulation with battery powered toys, drum machines, and modular synthesizers. This exploration of sound and technology inspired collaborations with synth companies giving Baseck opportunities to design hardware and sound banks for these machines. Baseck's style builds on past musical experiments combining 80's drum machines, sounds of breakdance and industrial, with a future approach to drum & bass and IDM. His latest EP, ENERGY MORPH, is out now on Boysnoize Records.

Felisha Ledesma is an interdisciplinary artist and organizer based in Los Angeles. Ledesma is the Director of S1, an artist run space that focuses on experimental sound, critical contemporary art, and non-traditional education. Felisha co-founded the Synth Library – a low-cost resource for hands-on access to synthesizers, DJ gear, recording equipment and other electronic musical instruments for people of all experience levels. Ledesma has been exploring the intersections of field recording, synthesis, and the sound of secrets.

CRUEL WORLD II Hard intimacy, wall-to-wall drones, rave stabs, gentle whispers, and pummeling kick drums. Equal parts Baseck and Felisha Ledesma


:::::::::::::::^^<<^ ^:::::vv^^>>:::::::: :::::::::::::::>>

Declan Synnott works with a variety of electronic sound sources, focused dense, immersive sounds. His recent album, In Spaces and Outside, is based around machine led arrangements, building tracks from self generating sequences.


:::::::::::::::^^<<^ ^:::::vv^^>>:::::::: :::::::::::::::>>

Bass Bin Laden

Founding member of San Francisco's 5lowershop Collective and long time underground DJ, Bass Bin Laden a.k.a Binnie is best known for his skills on the decks and behind the amp racks.. On this occasion he's bringing his modular synth out to play. Expect fine grains of sand in a rough clay pot.

Limited capacity, booking in advance recommended.
Tickets €7.50 + booking fee
Doors 8:30pm

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