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Old 06-07-2007, 07:11 AM
Proinsias Proinsias is offline
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Finally, the Mobileburn review. This is the site I get a lot (most?) of my reviews from, they're fairly impartial and usually do a pretty good job. In my opinion, the best review site out there that I've found to date.



When 10 years have passed and people look back on the mobile phones of days gone by, I believe they will invariably look upon Apple's iPhone as the beginning of a new era. The iPhone's user interface goes beyond changing the rules: it creates its own new game to play. Touch screens have been found in some mobile phones for a long time, but never have they been used so intuitively and easily.

But, is the iPhone a great mobile phone? No, not really. It is an average phone, but hardly a great one. It lacks basic phone functions like voice dialing and MMS, and it doesn't support any of the current 3G data networks. It is also difficult to use with one hand. It does happen to be a pretty darn impressive mobile computer, though, especially when it comes to the web and consuming multimedia content like music, movies, and photos.

Considering this is very much a version 1.0 product, Apple is to be applauded for the overall stability of the device and the amazing performance of its user interface. I ran into a few application snags that appear to have been memory related, but the iPhone's over protective user interface kept me from ever finding out if that was truly the problem. Either way, problems, other than those related to my personal WiFi router, were very few and far between.

It might only be an average phone, and it lacks the support for real 3rd party applications a smartphone would have, but it is nonetheless an outstanding device - for the right person. It isn't going to replace your BlackBerry, and its UI will stifle advanced users, but there is no device on the market today that is even close to being as much fun to use as the iPhone. It is the most entertaining feature phone on the market. I give it a "Recommended" rating. If you are a heavy web and iPod user, though, the iPhone could be your dream come true.

You'll find videos of the iPhone in action in our iPhone story from last week. A gallery of sample photos shot with the iPhone's 2 megapixel camera are available on the following page.

Recommended (explanation)
Pros: Amazing UI, solid design, best mobile browser, best iPod
Cons: No 3G, no MMS, no Bluetooth stereo, no Voice dialing, no corporate email, iTunes sync issues
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Old 06-07-2007, 08:06 AM
The Oracle The Oracle is offline
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not good....but we all suspected that.
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Old 25-07-2007, 11:55 AM
Proinsias Proinsias is offline
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What the fuck is going on??

There's something fishy here, they were selling hotter than lava buns. Maybe it's a supply issue. It just doesn't make sense. I thought 500,000 was a pretty sensible number, incredibly impressive in a matter of days but explainable through pent up demand.

Less than a third of those phones activated in that period is weird. Possibly, it's for the first two days only, didn't AT&T's network go down just after they went on sale, that could have meant that lots of people held off on activating them (or just plain couldn't)

Apple Shares Dive After Disappointing Activation Numbers are Posted

Disappointing initial activation numbers for the iPhone are to blame for Apple shares declining over 6% in Tuesday trading, and reports from AT&T of a 'significant decline' in demand for the device at retail locations are not helping the stock gain traction.
Disproving analyst projections of up to 500,000 units being sold on the first two days the iPhone hit store shelves, which also formed the last two days of the second financial quarter, AT&T has reported that just 146,000 customers activated an iPhone during the period.
Since the announcement of the iPhone at Macworld in January, Apple shares surged more than 40% to an all-time high on Monday of US$144.18, but lost $8.81 per share by close of trading Tuesday after AT&T's second quarter earnings report was issued. The market will have to wait until third quarter results come out later this year to gauge the performance of the iPhone over a longer period.
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Old 25-07-2007, 11:59 AM
paddypaws paddypaws is offline
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era the market was going to take a dive anyway and people started profit taking.. If you got in a few years ago they were a fraction of what they are today
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Old 25-07-2007, 12:18 PM
Proinsias Proinsias is offline
Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 18,606

Originally Posted by paddypaws View Post
era the market was going to take a dive anyway and people started profit taking.. If you got in a few years ago they were a fraction of what they are today
I don't take much notice of the market to be honest. Just saying, this is vastly below what Apple were expected to sell. Which, I thought was either incredibly impressive (500k in two days) or massively overhyped. Bit of both, I suppose. Dunno if that figure tells the entire story though, apparently every AT&T store sold out. They've 1,800 stores in the US, which means that they only sold an average of 100 each. Sounds a bit low, TBH.

I think this is a bit of a bit of a think that appears in the mobile phone business from time to time. Some phone companies consider a phone sold when it's in the shops as they've shipped it and it's agreed to be paid for. Others consider it sold when the shops finally get it into the hands of users.

I reckon the 500,000 is the order from AT&T to Apple and the various independent Apple shops (at least, I assume they're independent, operating under franchise), the 150,000 is how many have left the shops. In two days, that's still impressive.
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Old 25-07-2007, 12:46 PM
i_didnt_do_nawtin i_didnt_do_nawtin is offline
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People must be too busy reading Harry Potter to activate their phones!
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Old 25-07-2007, 01:28 PM
CreamKracker CreamKracker is offline
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I used one last week and I was very impressed with it. The ipod is shit hot on it.
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Old 25-07-2007, 01:44 PM
drew drew is offline
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Originally Posted by the puerto rican feen View Post
Batttery Life may be a problem

plus the battery is not replaceable as with almost all phones.
i read yesterday about the battery

if your battery goes you have to send it to apple
they will send you a replacemt phone
you need to transfer all your info from your phone to replacement as when battery is changed memory is wiped
when battery is changed you need to transfer the info from replacement bac kto your phone

waste of time imo
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Old 25-07-2007, 01:51 PM
thread_killer thread_killer is offline
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at least it looks good!*

Four out for four CIOs agree: the iPhone is no match for the Blackberry

*may not actually look good
This post has been screened by FOX News for authenticity and impartiality, and has "terror-proof" protection for her pleasure.
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Old 26-07-2007, 08:13 AM
Proinsias Proinsias is offline
Join Date: Oct 2005
Posts: 18,606

There's something not right going on here. AT&T report 140k activations in two days. Apple reports 270k sold in the first two days.

I reckon they're counting selling to the AT&T stockists as actual sales, not when they get to user's hands. I'd be interested what the real story here is, there's 130k phones sold in the first two days that weren't activated from the sounds of it.

And if they sold quarter of a million phones in two days, how come they're expecting to sell a million in this quarter? Seems a bit low, right?

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