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Old 19-09-2019, 08:30 AM
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Originally Posted by rebelsrebel View Post
Tragic case.

Meanwhile in cork we have...

90 year old and 60 year womem robbed in macroom in the daytime
60 year beaten up on way back from grave of his wife
18 year old assualted and put in hosputal in douglas
Man 40s assualted patrick street
19 year old assualted grand parade
Buses stop service over anti social behaviour
...this just over the past week or so...like seriously the country is a joke..the politicians should be adhamed of themselves for failing to deal with law and order and having fuck all guards around.

For me anyway id prpose the following

Anymore rackimg up multiple convictions..are beyond help. Byoass lawyers and courts and lock away for long time
Hit scumbahs families if they are getting state money the dole etc
Get them out of jails working cleaning streets etc
If u show no respect fpr society than society will make u.
Areas like the bus station in parnell place are very intimidating for people these days, why should commuters who are after working hard all day or tourists have to put up with junkies and other scum hanging around there intimidating people,
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